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Digital Editions
Digital MAX Editions... the most advanced
Digital Editions on the market


Digital MAX Editions successfully bridges the middle ground between expensive paper literature and endless pages of websites. MDP’s unique technology enables clients to distribute their printed publications - as-easy-to-read 'Digital Editions' - using the internet as transport to the user.



Leading sustainable Digital Edition solutions that include:

Max EditionsDigi LiteimasDigital DynamicTranspromo EditionsDigiTV Editions

In addition we provide Website and email Campaigns, to ensure maximum reach of our products.

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As true Digital Editions, rather than animated web pages, MAX Editions retains the original quality of the printed publication by using your original artwork to create an exact digital replica of the printed version and can include any form of rich media (sound, videos, animations etc).

MAX Editions can be read both ON and OFFline, whilst allowing unlimited distribution and dramatic savings on your traditional print and postage costs, are also incredibly eco-friendly. Our solution encompasses an extensive range of advanced tracking functions. Every Edition is tracked for a range of statistics, in 'real-time', providing immediate opportunities to view user preferences and activities.

If you do not have any literature produced already, our inhouse creative team can design bespoke versions from brief, following any corporate guidelines, or even helping you build the brand from scratch.
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Keyline MAX Editions Samples

Digital MAX Editions, advanced publishing made simple.

Print Ready Files

We take your print
ready files

Add Rich Media

and add any rich media you would like to include.

We digitise and
process them,

Publish Files

your Digital Max Editions
is then published,


allowing your literature
to be read ONLINE,



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MAX Editions benefits you. transforming any print publication - including magazines, annual
reports, supplements, catalogues, newsletters - into a 'Digital Edition',
just supply print ready files and we do all the work.  


MAX Editions benefits the reader...

... as they are high print quality, light in size and easy to distribute electronically. They are proactive, very interactive and as you can see below have the ability to incorporate any engaging rich media

True Digital Editions True 'Digital Editions' - It s not a Flash programme, Digital MAX Editions takes your Pdf’s and creates a separate programme that does not need the internet to run, so you view offline.   On and Offline Viewing Full viewing Online and Offline - The benefits of viewing offline are endless, no slow down due to bad connectivity, the reader can view anytime anywhere.
Robust and Secure Robust & Secure - Digital MAX Editions cannot be tampered with in transit so not transferring any viruses during the download process, your literature cannot be altered or copied in any way.   Easy to Use Engaging and easy to use - As we use hi-resolution print ready files our  Digital MAX Editions look great, engage end users and drive clients to your website.
Intergrate Rich Media Integrate Rich Media - From video to sound, whatever you want to incorporate Digital MAX Editions can handle it, bringing any publication to life.   Send to a Friend Send to a Friend - The Digital MAX Editions can be shared instantly.
Global Distribution Unlimited Global Distribution - The internet allows your publications to reach countries and businesses you’d never thought possible.   Print Page Page Print - The Digital MAX Editions can be printed both on and offline all at high resolution.
Cost Savings Dramatic Cost Savings - Once theDigital MAX Editions file has been created it’s yours. An extremely cost-effective alternative to print, even if you simply reduce your print runs by a small amount.   url Links

URL links - Direct the reader to additional information such as marketing materials, Pdfs or additional add-ons. Literature is kept in one place and accessible at any time.

Elimainate Paper Eliminate Paper Archives - Digital News-stands help you build your own digital archive, accessable anytime, anywhere in the world.   Tailormade Buttons Tailormade Buttons - What ever you need, our team of developers can take requests that your business requires.
Update Anytime Update at anytime - Any further publications can be automatically sent to a reader who has accessed previous Digital MAX Editions. This means they are kept up-to-date with any new infomation or products, without you hoping they go back to your website.   Include Video Integrate video and sound - Files can be embedded, so not to cause any issue of uploading time when the publication is being viewed. Bring literature to life with the use of sound, flash, music or podcasts, a luxury that printed editions will never have.
Extensive Tracking Extensive Tracking Reports - Log a vast array of information in real-time. Every page is monitored for referrals, dwell times, video plays, click-throughs, views and visits.     Multi-Language Multi-language - Languages can be included on to the navigation bar, the brochure can be changed at the click of a button.
Hosting Options

Hosting options - Either host Digital Editions yourself, or we will can host it for you, FREE of charge, for up to 30,000 downloads.

    Navigation Bar - The navigation bar has the ability to help so much in the experience of reading online.
Keyline MAX Editions Samples MDP Logo

Tracking your MAX Editions

TrackingEvery Edition is tracked for a range of statistics, in 'real-time', providing opportunities to see user preferences and activities. 

Real-time access to your tracking statistics - Our editions tracking sites can be accessed 24/7 for real-time tracking of your critical traffic statistics.

Traffic Statistics - Indicate the number of editions opened, spread over selected dates and time intervals.

Geographic Statistics - Where do your readers live? Easy to find out with geographic statistics! The statistics are sub-divided by country, region and city. The distribution is illustrated on simple lists, giving you a more precise overview.

Referrer Statistics - See which search engines are sending users to your editions.


Delivery of your MAX Editions

Delivery of Max EditionsOne of the questions asked is “How can we send out the Digital MAX Editions to OUR customers".

The answer is that you have two initial routes to market.

1. Hosting Digital MAX Editions in a key position on your website in your customers eyeline. See samples...

2. Distributing Digital MAX Editions direct to your customer via email campaigns. See samples...

If the user chooses the DESKTOP version, we can automatically update with future marketing material and publications (ONLINE versions will always be updated live each time they are viewed).


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