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Digital Editions
Transpromo Editions... Unique, personalised Digital Editions
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Most responsible companies are finding ways to cut their repetitive paper consumption, especially for regular communications such as monthly statements, which are being replaced by eStatements.

Transpromo Solutions

Transpromo in SituOur Transpromotional Editions create the ability for our clients' to add individually 'customised' eMagazines to each eStatement sent to its customers. The client simply adds a button to every eStatement. When a customer clicks on this button on their eStatement, our transactional engine then instantaneously compiles - 'on the fly' - a personalised eMagazine just for that customer.

Transpromo Editions enables any client to uniquely speak to every one of their customers – in a full eMagazine, rather than the usual bland and ignorable email format - with only the information that pertains to their known preferences. True ‘one to one’ marketing, for a fraction of the cost of traditional paper and postage!
  Leading sustainable Digital Edition solutions that include: Max EditionsDigi LiteimasDigital DynamicTranspromo EditionsDigiTV Editions

In addition we provide Website and email Campaigns, to ensure maximum reach of our products.

Sample Digital Transpromo Editions

Vodafone Transactional sample   HSBC Transactional sample


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