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Digital Editions
Interactive Media Solutions and touchscreen kiosks
Back to Top Large screen Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks are an ideal internal or external solution for displaying your multimedia library, Digital Editions and advertising. IMAS is a complete, ready to operate product that can generate an additional in-store advertising revenue and is an interactive solution that will capture client data when selected information from the interface is 'emailed on'‚ by the user.

IMAS Benefits With our secure wireless internet technology, all of your multimedia information can be kept up-to-date as often as required. Screen sizes available from 19 inch up to 103 inch.

Our IMAS Panels operate entirely as stand-alone units, using a simple wireless connection to our master platform for daily updates, content changes, tracking and viewing of user capture data. A turn-key solution that creates a big screen, highly interactive kiosk experience, at a fraction of the cost of traditional kiosk networks. It cleverly removes the need for expensive dedicated hardware, networks/servers and custom interfaces.

IMAS panels can also function as 'electronic eBrochure racks' replacing traditional paper brochure racks that are notoriously expensive and difficult to keep stocked.

The IMAS interface can display any combination of text, images, videos, maps, 3D models, flash animations, interactive and directional maps, digital eBrochures and user information capture, all operated by natural touch screen gestures, similar to the latest generation of 'touch' mobile phones.

IMAS can also be used as an additional advertising channel/revenue generator displaying advertisers' promotions and videos for immediate impact with consumers, prior to purchase.
  Leading sustainable Digital Edition solutions that include: Max EditionsDigi LiteimasDigital DynamicTranspromo EditionsDigiTV Editions

In addition we provide Website and email Campaigns, to ensure maximum reach of our products.

Keyline MAX Editions Samples

Three steps to create your IMAS Kiosk.

From Brief Kiosk View

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Some of the benefits touchscreen kiosks can offer your business

Our Interactive Media Solutions can provide a 'profit centre' via in-store marketing. Simply by generating advertising sales, through holding and screening your product manufacturers adverts on the in-store media panels. This use of our Media Panel technology can give these key benefits;
Archive icon Easy Archive - Help clients locate archived ebook and information quickly.
interact icon Interact with clients - The Media Panel interface can combine text, images, videos, maps, 3D models, flash animations, digital editions to assist clients locate products easily in-store for additional sales (sales that may have been lost). Generate additional in-store advertising sales (£500 per month / per Media Panel x the number of stores) showing looped advertising reel. The media panels could be 'paid for' through income generated from the advertising sales.
data capture icon User Information Capture - Gain data capture, through customers sending home ebooks via email.
innovative icon Innovative - Our Media Panels use Fingertapps, an advanced touch panel solution, that makes it easy to quickly implement engaging, multi-touch user interfaces to operate on the latest generation of hi-definition large screen PCs/ LCD TV.
stand out icon Stand out look and feel - Our stylish Media Panels operate entirely as stand-alone units, using a simple wireless connection to our master platform for daily updates,. This creates a highly interactive kiosk experience, but at a fraction of the normal kiosk costs that will make your business stand out from the crowd.


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