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Digital Editions
Dynamic Editions... Tailor-made Digital Editions

Our Digital DYNAMIC Editions enable user’s to search and create their own "custom" editions - from any selection of the Publisher’s approved/pre-loaded pre-press pages – instantly, in mere seconds.

Dynamic Editions

Dynamic ExampleThe User Search interface allows the reader to select their desired search criteria/information which is then instantaneously complied – ‘on the fly’ - into a personalised "edition".

The Digital DYNAMIC Editions solution encompasses a proprietary engine which compiles the editions (with appropriate URL links/videos per page). The process can be repeated as many times as the reader chooses, creating unlimited and unique variations of the publication, encompassing just the pages the reader requires. Once the reader has chosen their required fields of criteria/information the completed brochure is instantly displayed for the reader to view.

The Search function also powers the ability to insert ‘search sensitive’ advertising pages into the edition based on the selected search criteria of the reader.
  Leading sustainable Digital Edition solutions that include: Max EditionsDigi LiteimasDigital DynamicTranspromo EditionsDigiTV Editions

In addition we provide Website and email Campaigns, to ensure maximum reach of our products.


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